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Villa Arcadia by New Apec Homes in the City of Imus, Cavite is a picture of a peaceful and serene community ready to provide comfort and convenience to its residents. Added to its natural laid back environment is the generous provision of first class amenities and facilities ready for use by residents. House features too, are above quality. 

Excellent House Features:

The roofs are covered with colored, longer sizes GI Sheets especially designed for roofing purposes. To ensure that these roofs are truly sturdy that could withstand pressure, strong winds and extreme weather conditions, they were anchored on a massive steel roof framing. 

Because convenience is very important, Villa Arcadia’s units have full furnishings for all toilets and bath rooms. Portion of the walls are covered with ceramic tiles and its floors with non-slip bathroom tiles. The walls have imbedded tissue and soap holders. The entire toilet and bathroom sets are completely furnished upon turn-over and they are ready to use as well. Windows are mainly composed of Glass and steel casement made from angle and flat bars. Upon turn-over of each unit, other fixtures for the interiors are all in place including all of the necessary electrical lines needed to safely power the house are all in place. An extensive water supply system within the house, as part of the initial blue-print stage, is also fully installed prior to unit turn-over. All other underground sanitary pipes are in place and are properly working. 

There is a centralized water supply for the entire village to make sure that everyone has a steady supply of clean water 24/7. Water pressure is always an issue with vertical residences, because the higher it gets, the less pressure there is, thereby affecting the uniformity of water supply. With a centralized supply within the community, there is an assurance that 24/7, water supply will no longer be a problem. There is also a centralized underground drainage system which enable to facilitate sanitary and kitchen disposals without trouble. In any event where heavy downpour of rains occur, inner access roads will remain flood-free because of a continuous and faster surface draining. In as far as inner access roads are concerned, there are fully concretized roads, gutters & curbs throughout the community. The roads were built wider to allow safe passage of two vehicles at one time. People who would love to walk along the sidewalks can freely do so without any inconvenience because of the presence of elevated gutters. Security wise, the community is also secured with a fully functional Guardhouse situated in between the Entrance – Exit gates which are both situated on a common ground. 

One of the best provisions for Villa Arcadia is its Multi-Purpose Hall centrally located in an open area where the surroundings are fully carpeted with rich, green grasses. Private family affairs like birthday parties, anniversaries, weddings and others can be held here safely. Community affairs can equally be held here. Functions and other gatherings by families or community is perfect for Villa Arcadia’s Multi-Purpose Hall. 

Children here are well too blessed with their own place of enjoyment, the Children’s Playground. Kids are kids and that should not be taken away from them. That understanding is crucial for every residential village but with Villa Arcadia’s child environment friendly, kids’ school off will never be the same again. A well designed, fully equipped with kiddie stuffs playground is available for every children of Villa Arcadia to enjoy. With the trees to surround and protect them from the heat of the sun, they’ll be safer. And within the safe bounds of the village, kids are better protected. 

Lastly, a basketball court was provided for every enthusiast to enjoy anytime of the day. Boys and men would never have a complete daily routine without sweating it out well through that great sport. With this provision, no one else needs to be somewhere just to play basketball. Within the safe grounds of the village, neighbors & friends will have a great venue to play their favorite sports.  

Housing Specifications

  • Long Span Colored Roof
  • Steel Roof Framings
  • Tiled Bathroom
  • Steel Casement Windows
  • Complete Toilet & Bath
  • Complete Electrical Wiring and Fixtures
  • Complete Water/Plumbing Pipes & Fixtures
  • Entrance Gate with Guardhouse
  • Multi-Purpose Hall
  • Playground
  • Basketball Court
  • Centralized Water Supply
  • Concrete Roads, Curbs and Gutters
  • Underground Drainage System
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